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Hey all! Been a bit since my last mail day post, so I figured it was a good time to post one. Here are a few of my recent pickups...

First up, a handful of traders...

These three came from a trade, all are from 11-12 Certified, and all are available for trade...

[Image: 11-12CertifiedMirrorGoldSignature-DrewDoughty.jpg]
Doughty Mirror Gold Signature

[Image: 11-12CertifiedStickEm-MarianGaborik.jpg]
Gaborik Stick 'Em

Also picked up in a recent trade...

[Image: 08-09BlackDiamondQuadJersey-MarioLemieux.jpg]
Super Mario 08-09 Black Diamond Quad Jersey

and from the dollar bin at the last card show...

[Image: 10-11LimitedRetiredNumbersMaterials-JoeS...52a5a8.jpg]
Sakic 10-11 Limited Retired Numbers Jersey

And now for the PC pickups...

First up, a pair of Naslund cards for the all-time greats PC...

[Image: MarkusNaslundJersey.jpg]
[Image: MarkusNaslundAutograph_zps86e95c25.jpg]

And a couple other cards for that same PC...

[Image: CoreyPerryJersey.jpg]
Corey Perry prime jersey

[Image: FelixPotvinJersey.jpg]
Felix Potvin jersey

Not bad, I'm about to add a huge chunk of new players to the all-time greats PC want list, because there aren't too many left that I need!

Nothing for the Ovechkin PC in the mail recently, but I can't wait to show these final two cards, as they're for my #1 priority, my Cam Neely collection.

First up, a sweet Stickside Signatures from this year's Dominion...

[Image: 11-12DominionSticksideSignings-CamNeely.jpg]

Beautiful cards, and I was lucky to grab one early at a decent price.

For the grand Finale, this transaction was 1 part sale, 1 part trade, and a fully awesome addition to my collection...

[Image: 04-05NHLLegendarySignatures-CamNeely1of1.jpg]

Cam Neely 2004-05 NHL Legendary Signatures buyback autograph, my fourth Neely 1/1!

Very glad to add this one, it comes right on the heels of my pick up of the Neely Priority Signings 1/1 a few weeks back!

Anyway, thanks very much for looking everyone, hope to trade with you soon!
WOW! Some really cool pickups, but those two Neelys are so nice! Congrats!!
Sick Neely cards. Congrats on those awesome pick ups.
Great Neely p/u's.
Thanks guys, I've had a couple of great weeks going with Neely, hopefully I can make a few Ovechkin pick-ups and some more Neely, as well as stuff for the all-time greats PC.
that Lemieux quad jersey, wow. lovin it.
such an great buyback! thanks for sharing that awesome card!
Amazing stuff, Chris! I have to say that the Neely Buyback 1/1 is awesome (love the retro card!), but that Stickside Signatures is simply gorgeous! Congrats and thanks for the share!

Sweet pickups Chris!!! Congrats on the Neely buyback 1/1. That is one awesome card. I can't believe you got a Sakic jersey card for a buck, that's sure a nice find. Not sure I might have anything for it but would love a shot at the Mario if it's for trade. Congrats on the additions!!!
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