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Pm me, I know there are a few here, I have a small project for you... I will pay you for your time... Thanks!!!
Whatchu want?
Hey pm me if u want and let me know what ur looking for.
Thanks guys!!! Have some photos of UTSA Roadrunners players me and my son would love cards made...Wink being they don't have any out there...
PM Returned!
(10-10-2012 09:34 PM)alanch Wrote: [ -> ]PM Returned!

wow!!! SICK TTM CARD!!! thanks again!!!

[Image: Soza.jpg]
(10-11-2012 06:43 AM)slotman11 Wrote: [ -> ]wow!!! SICK TTM CARD!!! thanks again!!!

No problem. Good luck on the project!
[Image: Eric-Soza.gif]
(10-11-2012 01:47 PM)jdetter23 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: Eric-Soza.gif]

Also very nice!!! Now, I need to find a decent print option, and also need to know what size sharpie to send with them...Wink
How about a superfractor???Wink

[Image: F0AD5C8B-0138-4FDE-9451-69F36241EAD9-301...6FF23E.jpg]
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