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I just finished up my 2012 Press Pass fantasy team LaMichael James Autos! I just picked up the #ed /4 off the bay! I now have the complete rainbow of autos #ed 1/1, /4, /10, /25, /50 and /99
Congrats, you have any pics?
That is great, Congrats!

Post some pics...
I will as soon as it gets in!
Awesome job! I'm working on my first rainbow now. Luckily for me I collect a nobody so it hasn't been to difficult.
I got lucky with the 1/1 when the 1st came out but it still wasnt cheap. I lost the last /4 that was listed and had to wait a few months to get this one but it was worth it.
nice job! hope LJ goes far. niners are not using him enough in my opinion. he sure was fun to watch as a duck!!!
Just got it in today! here they are!
[Image: SCAN0711.jpg]
(10-20-2012 03:47 PM)malaka76 Wrote: [ -> ]Just got it in today! here they are!
[Image: SCAN0711.jpg]

VERY NICE!!! those are tough to find too! wow.
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