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Full Version: 5 Packs 2012-13 Hoops
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I have not opened any of these yet and before I go buy a few boxes thought I'd try a few packs out. I don't think I did to bad, I spent $10 and got that back in the Irving RC alone. All are up for trade if anyone is interested, I have added them to the org and photobucket.
[Image: 12_zpse3a5fb2c.jpg]
I'm a Kings fan and would be interested in the Robinson Draft Night card, please feel free to check me ... Thanks! RJ
Do you have any other basketball other than the 4 listed in your org?
(10-09-2012 09:46 PM)TBarn291 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have any other basketball other than the 4 listed in your org?

Yeah, sorry ... I usually only add them to trade them to keep my count low LOL ... who do you like? I mean, besides Candy Man, I don't think I have any of his stuff. I might have a Chrome rookie but I'd have to look.

I have busted a fair amount of Hoops, so if you need any of those guys, that would be easy for me to pull ...
I am looking for 2009-10 SP Game Used 4 on 4 Fabrics, 2011-12 Preferred Red Autos, Shaqs 1998-99 and prior, Jerry Stackhouse 1997-98 and prior, if you have anything I might need let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. I am going to be looking to complete the hoops set, I'm sure there will be some insert sets I'll need to complete if you want to hold off until I bust a few boxes.
Nice packs
(10-11-2012 04:25 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Nice packs

Thanks! I was happy for $10
Sent you an open offer. Also interested in the draft night insert, didn't see it listed. PLMK; Thanks.
These guys look stupid with their flat bill hats, especially Leonard and Fournier.
Yeah I agree especially with the suits on.
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