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Collecting has slowed down for me because the cookie cutter ways companies produce cards and refuse to acknowledge the concerns of collectors. (NO MORE EVENT WORN!!).

With collecting taking a back seat, I've started to get more and more into downhill mountain biking. Its more expensive than collecting (I didn't spend too much on cards anyway) but it has been more rewarding and gratifying than collecting is. Probably has a lot to do with the physical payoff and skills required to do it.

What do others turn to when they need a break from cardboard?
The past few years I've been working on fixing up old cars, so unfortunately I have two expensive hobbies lol.

The thrill of a completed car project is much more gratifying than pulling an auto, but damn if it doesn't take nearly 8 months to a year for 1 car lol
Takin this bad boy out and rippin some lips!

[Image: 67100_10151159099155999_846934472_n.jpg]
I do gardening and grow a lot of hot pepper which I dehydrate and make ground peppers you can't buy in the stores.
Golf and parenting.
I play golf
Getting my feet wet in coins and silver Smile
I collect Social Security Check-They come only once a Month-Bummer
I do coins and 50's antiquities... the 50's stuff is a new thing, but I usually just collect a lot of older stuff :-P
I absolutely love watching movies and building my DVD/Blu-Ray collection. I'm also a mean wiffle baller.
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