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Current auction for '98 Jambalaya signed is at 24k, and
'12 Fleer precious metals green is at 21k. Some nice cards but hard to see the auto on the Jambalaya. I wonder if one breaks the 50k mark?
I missed this thread, when I posted one about the Jambalaya buyback 1/1 card...

They are crazy prices... but taking in account what an unsigned one goes for... it is imaginable... I wish I could move my 06-07 MJ, but I got no takers.. except a bunch of people that want to buy it for under $1k.. one guy even said it looked as if it had a smudge on the top of the card, but the person interested in the card is not familiar with Jambalaya cards... because they also stated that they thought the entire border was supposed to be black, which is untrue... non of the Jambalaya cards (all years they were made) are not completely black.. because the photo of the player is supposed to be in front of the border..

I haven't been looking at the RETRO PMG's in the last week... but going to tag it to watch...

too bad none of the old early 90's MJ inserts will sell that high.... I wish they would get over a few hundred... I'm still looking for a MJ Ultra All Defensive card... since I sold the one I had.. That is one of my all time favorite insert sets.. besides the Skybox USA Dream Team insert set.
I cant believe some of the prices...just insane
Pretty sure they will die down a bit, but not by too much. Hype is everything in this hobby I guess. I was looking to buy one of the Noyz Boys or the Big Men on Court for the retro stuff, but my 180+ bid didn't last too long. I'll wait until the hype dies down a bit then I'll pull the trigger. My problem? I'm not a very patient guy lol. I just don't want to feel like I'm over paying and at 180+ I felt like it was a bit high to begin with.
2012 Fleer Jordan Precious Metal Gems Green ended at 27K! Not bad for a retro card of a retired player.
[Image: Michael_Jordan_PMG_Green__4_10_001.jpeg]
That is pretty insane. Wonder if my 92-93 Ultra Award Winners Jordan insert will ever get that high.

Doubt it.
I don't get the hype of "retro" cards of players in College uniforms? I mean 27K!?!?!? REALLY!?!?!?
Nah, gotta be better than Donruss (baseball) printing out their cards with blank uniforms on their contract or no contract, Donruss could have came up with better ideas least you can identify the players and their uni's with the retro
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