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Nice old school theory. Got it way cheap on the 'bay, put my typical too-low-to-ever-win-it bid on but got it. Apparently everyone else knew the box was a dud but me.

Best pulls were the rows 2 & 3 MJs. Nothing else booked $10+. Already had the MJs too so they weren't even PC pulls.

The Row 0 #ed card was Rony Seikaly /2000. Ouch.

Pulled a couple decent row 1 parallels (Rodman, David Robinson) and the McGrady and Duncan RCs, but that's pretty much it.

They're all in and listed FT, great looking cards really, just pulled nothing. I gotta break this streak before I go broke! Such is the life of a box-buster.
Sorry for the bad break Bro, but I bet you had a fun time??
Nothing like flipping em over after you scanned through em to make sure you didn't miss a 0 lol
Atleast u got some mjs
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