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I dont know if this is the right area or not, but im looking for ideas to do a man cave. I have limited funds and any input or ideas would be awesome, i have a bunch of jerseys and auto'd mem, i am thinking about hanging up
a baseball mancave or particular team? Are looking for suggestions on your walls or all around decor and floor plan?
everything, im gutting the basement all the way down to the cinderblock walls and putting in new windows and all that good stuff, gotta soundproof and stuff
more focused on baseball then anyother sport I am a die hard yankee fan but just love the sport of baseball
I'm only 21 but I've been collecting different sports memorobilia for a while. In my "man cave", I have NY Giants stuff on 1 side, this includes plaques, super bowl balls, and some figures, nothing really big though. The other side is where all the good stuff is. I've been collecting baseball stuff the longest so I have a bunch of Yankees photos, autographed baseballs, bobbleheads, commeretive pin set, a case with a bunch of cards of the player I PC, and my own trophies from when I used to play. Now I'm going to work on adding some more Giants stuff and then work on my favorite soccer team(Inter) and favorite hockey team(Devils). I also have limited funds so it might take a while.

So I recommend just getting some framed photos of your favorite teams to start. You can probably get them real cheap on the bay or in some stores. I'd definitely frame the autographed jerseys and put them on the wall. If you have any autographed baseballs, I'd buy a frame for them and put them on the wall too.
yea the balls i have in a case, it holds 40, i have about 35 in there and bats are in a case 5 of em, i have batting helmets auto'd, gloves, hats and i cant wait to get the cases for the jerseys
My buddy is a Yankees fan and in his basement is his cave. On the wall he has the retired Yankees numbers painted and also a pair f seats from the stadium.

Idk who your team is but the kohls by me had a nice Yankees canvas painting. Say 24x36 for only 40$ and then there is ALWAYS KOHLS coupons
thanks man the retired number thing sounds awesome
Paint wall team color and add retired numbers like stera8 said. Hang your best items on the walls, and get some clubhouse chairs from Steiner if you can afford them.
the club house chairs might be a while the whole starting over is gonna be a lot of cash
As a guy who designs mancaves for a living (well, second living lol), if you have any specific questions don't hesitate to give me a shout! Otherwise just go with your gut, it's about being comfortable and relaxing!
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