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As the title states, I am looking for rookie cards for cano, pettitte, rivera and posada. I have jeter rookies as well as other jeter cards I would give up for them. Shoot me an offer or I will check org's. Thanks!
What Jeter rookies do you have as I have a nice rare posada rookie I am sure you would be interested in. You don't see these that often I paid a ton for my Jeter one.

1995 Kroger Columbus Clippers Yearbook #2 Jorge Posada.
449 and 98.
I literally had a dream last night that I was in Mac's cards (the LCS from my childhood), but it was current day. They were going out of business so I worked out a deal with Mac to buy a bunch of random boxes. As I tore through I was hitting every card I wanted, even some cards that probably don't exist!!! What a great dream... hahaha

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