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This listing just ticks me off:

Everything about that escription is pretty much false. Thats not an Irbe game worn, thats not even a glove Irbe ever worn or intended to wear and its not a glove that was made for Irbe is his last year of San Jose. What it is is the Koho Revolution Shark series 520, which all they were were Felix Potvins pads with a shark graphic instead of the cat scheme (these are actually the pads I use to this day when I play). It was just a gimmick that Koho released hoping to draw some attention & make some sales and it failed miserably. I picked up my Koho Sharks in 1997 brand new for $500 on discontinued clearence.

I offered the guy $40, which would be about going rate for a 15 year old beat up glove, just because I never bought the glove to match the pads back in the day, I went with an McM Cobra watermelon catcher cause it was the biggest glove on the market (bigger then the Brians) and it was cheap... The guy refused my offer...

Hopefully no Irbe fans by into his load of crap description and waste there money on it, just to get an item beat to crap that was probably used in a mens leave by the seller...
I still feel bad for the guy that bought that fake Irbe Koho glove that had the "Custom made for Irbe" stitched on it...
To make it even funnier, after doing a lil research it looks like apparently the guy listing this glove as an Irbe game used glove just bought the glove off ebay in Sept for only $13, now is trying to market it as game used for $150... I didnt do a super detailed side by side comparison, but notice how in both listings there is a "R" hand written the same way on the cuff of the glove... Kinda glad the guy didnt accept my $40 offer now that I see I coulda had it for $13 last month...
Totally going to mess with this guy. Can't resist.
lol I just offered him $13, in the added notes i put, youll still be making $6 profit since your charging $15 shipping as apposed to the $9 shipping you paid when you purchased it off of aztecgifts haha
haha the guy ended the listing... Looks like me & bruinsfan were successful in our troll jobs to this liar & his rip off attempt of a listing.
Oh I love the Beckett community... lol. Nice job guys!
Haha, glad that you came to the same conclusion as I did. I had the same conversation with another collector over on SCF and the seller told him that "Irbe used it for about fifteen games before being traded". He was never traded, nor did he ever use a glove with that much color in his NHL career.

And if anything, photomatching Irbe equipment would be so easy, yet this had no photomatches anywhere.

Still hate it when people try to pass of random stuff as game-used just to rip overly eager collectors off.
WOW, you guys sure let people rent space in your head. If you don't like the item then don't buy it. There is more to life then getting on here and going on about an incorrect description on an item on e Bay. There are 10,000's of items on there. Just ignore and move on.
Sorry rippinwax, but that was a blantant ripoff attempt... The Koho sharks are an item that I search for every couple months just like Larry Johnson deadstock converse. If I see one that a blantant fake (the converse) or a downright lie like this trying to scam a person for over $100 then Ill try & get the listing pulled... I dont police ebay looking for it, but if I come across it, yea Ill take the half hour outa my day to stop it... And I like knowing that people do this, same with card scams of switching out patches, its nice knowing people will take time outa there day to photomatch a card & let people on the forums know.

BTW wax, since you dont mind ripoffs/scams I have a buncha empty prime packages laying around, if I stuff them with decoy cards & reseal them and label it as a unopened Prime hockey case discounted price, would you be interested in buying it for $500?? lol
Sorry rippinwax, there's no way some random eBay seller's going to get into my head, haha. I just saw an opportunity to out a scam artist, and did. All I did was ask if he had any kind of proof, i.e. COA or team sale receipt, and he said "No, I don't. Sorry." And I replied with, "You could always check with this guy, and see if he still has it..." and posted the link to the auction in which he purchased it. No reply, auction down a few minutes later, and it took a whopping 30 seconds of my time.

I'm sure there are plenty of scammers out there, people selling the fridge magnet cards and empty boxes, "hot" packs, etc., and though you can't take them all down, why not shoot down just one if you're handed such an easy target?

That wasn't an merely a case of "incorrect description," it was a blatant rip off attempt. He bought some guy's used glove for $15, and tried to capitalize on it, calling it game-used by an ex-pro. That's not incorrect, it's dishonest. If you bought something like that, and found it to be a fraud, and completely worthless, you'd change your tune.
rippinwax, I'm going to join the two of them and say this is false advertising. If it was a store, someone would be suing. It isn't a simple incorrect listing, it's blatant fraud.
I am going to play both sides here.

Maybe the seller was scammed when he bought and never knew it was not an Irbe item.

But then he should have still verified it before he tried selling it.
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