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Well another couple of weeks have come and gone. I just finished eating my Thanksgiving turkey dinner and now I am stuffed. Decided I would sit back and try to get some stuff off my desk and do up a mail post. Lots of great cards have come in including a great surprise at the end. A great addition to the PC.

Onto the show.

I was able to pick up a bunch of 07-08 Trilogy Frozen In Time cards. All cards still have the paper front on them so the scans are of the back of the card. I still have 1 more incoming as the shipper forgot to include it in the package.

[Image: October82012-2.jpg]
[Image: October82012-1.jpg]

Next up are a number of new rookies for the PC

[Image: October82012-3.jpg]
[Image: October82012-4.jpg]
[Image: October82012-5.jpg]

Some jersey cards

[Image: October82012-6.jpg]

A few patches, jersey and rookie cards

[Image: October82012-7.jpg]

and now for the gem.

My newest Patrick Roy Auto

2009-10 Upper Deck Trilogy Ice Scripts #ISPR Patrick Roy SP - NO BV
[Image: 2009-10UpperDeckTrilogyIceScriptsISPRPatrickRoySP.jpg]

well that's it...........

Hold on, I forgot something.......

what could top an SP Patrick Roy Auto

my newest 1 of 1

2011-12 SPx Finite Rookies Spectrum #F34 Sean Couturier

[Image: 2011-12SPxFiniteRookiesSpectrumF34SeanCouturier.jpg]

Thanks for the look, all comments welcome. As always, I am up for doing some trade.

Sweet pickups Chris!!!! Love the FIT cards and the Roy Ice Scripts is super sweet. You had to ruin your post though with that ugly orange and black 1/1. jk. Congrats on all the great pickups!!!
really awesome stuff! congrats on the Couturier and Roy!
trilo3y still one of my fav products to date.
Brilliant PC adds, Chris! Love that Roy Auto!

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