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Nick Perry hit Andrew luck pretty good one time and called Roughing the passer...
I thought it was a good form tackle....
I would like to hear what other fans have to say.
Maybe Since Im a packer was a clean hit..
Heres the hit..

I think it was called roughing the passer because Perry led with the helmet. But thats just my opinion
Looks like helmet to helmet from that angle.
That's how I was taught to tackle. He didn't launch himself, nor did his helmet travel up to Luck's head. I also have no idea where the NFL gets its reasoning where a player cannot lead with the front of his body into another player. Does the Commish think that a lot of sacks are made when someone is leisurely walking towards the quarterback?

I was also at the game and there's still a lot of Ref hate from both sets of fans.
I think it was a clean hit. Where are you suppose to hit the QB if not the chest. Legs are off limit, head is off limit. He barely nicked his helm, it's becoming harder and harder to sack a QB if every hit is a head shot
As much as I hate that the game seems to be going in the direction of flag football, the rules are the crown of the helmet hitting the QB anywhere is illegal.
The video i posted was the view i saw 1st...

But I think the showed it a few times over and over in slow mow from different angles..
and his facemask hit Luck's chest...

Heres one with a better angle..
Now tell me... Roughing the passer....or penalty for hitting too hard?
I was.taught to tackle with my helmet. But now a days thats illegal. Everything people were taught in little league /high school goes out the window. These are new rules that implemented to protect players. Which i agree with.
I see the player lowering his helmet into the QB, regardless, the official made a call at full speed from a view behind the tackler. To me it looks like an illegal hit after I watch it over and over and over. I would hate to try to make the call on the spot at full speed instead of a birds eye view from my computer screen. Also, I'm sure since the officials are told over and over and over to protect these QB's they may make calls that are close a bit biased.
The second video makes it look like a clean hit but like wavy said, at full speed thats a helmet to helmet call every time.
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