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Well as I learn a couple things here and there I'm always looking for new sets to try out. I like a few base cards with hits scattered in pretty well per box. Tomorrow I am heading to the store to get another box of artifacts, but how do people feel about SP Authentic? I think it looks like a decent set with a good number of hits per box. Am I missing anything?
im new to collecting myself but i just bought a box of sp authentic on saturday and got some decent hits, 3 future watch autos and a sign of the times auto.. I was in on a case break of artifacts last night and overall it was a pretty weak case, personally ill be looking at sp authentic over artifacts in the future.. just my opinion and like i said im a new collector!
I personally don't like SP Authentic. It seems to be to risky. This year I did pull a SOTT Booby Orr, but the other cards in the box where all scrubs. You will find people who love it and people who hate it, one being me.
I'm not a fan. I just don't like the design. The Future Watch autos can hold some value, but it's always 95% scrubs. SOTTs are good if you hit a Stamkos, Crosby, Gretzky, etc.

Overall, not a fan whatsoever.
Ok then here's my next question, what's another set similar to Artifacts are far as quality hits per box?
I say every year that I won't break SPA, then I break a box anyway and realize why I say it every year. If I only saved myself the price of a box, I would be able to buy at least one of my PC players' cards from the set either from case breakers or auction sites.
I buy SPA every year and don't mind it (got 4 autos in the box I bought) but I think its directed towards the set collectors, as for the hits that your looking for I would say that this probably is not the box you want to buy
Sp authentic is one of the best rc's each year as they are hard signed. But this year, the release date was brutal as the season was long over. Not to mention, no upcoming season..... This was just a bad year for all 3 sp hockey products.

We sell plenty of products throughout the year but from my perspective, the best products of last year based on value were Captain C, artifacts, prime and Rookie Anthology.
The big RC crop every year dilutes the boxes, so it's not likely you'll hit a big RC auto. Since they're all /999, there's no huge RC #ed/99 to "hit the jackpot" on. You're really stuck hoping that the SOTT you get is a low numbered one. The patches are nice, but don't seem to hold their value really well. As afff said, it's really geared toward set collectors, in which case you're best buying a case, or buy stuff off of box/case breakers as they bust the stuff (as I did)
Also there was more than a couple of the big name rookies that do not have auto RC's in Sp authentic-- seems that some players did not sign at all for UD.
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