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I have gotten bored with much of the stuff coming out lately, so I have narrowed my focus. My Dan Haren PC has been growing, along with other little collections like Klesko as a Brave and Joyner as an Angel. The Pinnacle Dufex inserts have always been a favorite, so when I could pick up the Triple Crown set for $4 delivered I couldn't pass it up.
[Image: harenmail1.jpg] [Image: harenmail2.jpg] [Image: triplecrown.jpg]
Hey pm me a list of some haren stuff you I'll see what I've got
Two of the Atomics? Very nice.
Love the chrome
Nice Rainbow!
Sweet rainbow. How did you get the Triple Crowns?
A guy had all three of the Triple Crown cards together up for auction, free shipping and the bidding was like $3.50. He had them listed with the wrong year. I was really happy to get them.
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