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Last month I posted a thread in which I told the story of coming across a great deal on a '12 Topps Chrome Mike Morse #/10. I wanted to share the story with the community that day, though I didn't have a scan of the card yet to post with the story. Since starting to collect baseball cards again this past spring, I have been using my Aunts' scanner periodically who lives a few blocks over. Without going into a lot of detail, I don't get out a whole lot due to my physical disability. I'm not sure Ace knows that, which makes his surprise gift all the more special.

I got a PM from Ace last week telling me to be on the lookout for a package...with an addendum that "It really sucks!" Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to win a contest Ace held here in the forums. Since then, we've become friends and have talked & traded. So I figured he had come across a PC card he knew I was looking for and figured he was expressing his generosity with me again by sending it to me.

Well, when the package arrived, I was a bit shocked to see a large Eureka vacuum cleaner box. Needless to say, I automatically got the "it really sucks" joke! Upon opening the box, I was even more shocked to see a scanner! Yes, my friends, a scanner. Acevanquish sent me a scanner! I was very touched by this and was moved to emotion as I unpacked it. Not only myself, but my family here at my house are all going to get great use of this gift!

But I am no good with all. And I've spent the past few days trying to install it to my PC. And this is why my public 'Thank You' to Ace has come late. I really wanted to have it hooked up before posting this so I could scan something to post to show Ace the fruits of his gift. I know the scanner still works. The lamp comes on, the bar adjusts every once in awhile, and my PC recognizes the hardware. But for some reason when I open the program to scan I get a message that the "Lamp is warming up" and then nothing. So this is where I am. I believe it's time to call in a good buddy of mine from the next town over who is much more technologically gifted than myself.

Included within the Eureka box along with the scanner where also enough '12 Bowman Platinum cards to finish up my 1-100 base set as well as put me at 70% complete on the base Platinum Prospects. I'm not sure how you can thank someone enough for such a kind gesture? It truly is a great story of kindness and generosity. I alluded a little to this in the Gift Thread on the Trading Forum a few days ago...I'd be very grateful if everyone who reads this would give acevanquish a 'Thank You' for me. I know I'll never be able to thank him enough on my own!
Nice story. Thanks for sharing. -Very cool of you, Ace. It doesn't get much better than that. Hope your buddy is able to get the scanner running.
(10-07-2012 02:35 PM)uvaspina Wrote: [ -> ]Nice story. Thanks for sharing. -Very cool of you, Ace. It doesn't get much better than that. Hope your buddy is able to get the scanner running.

Couldn't agree more.
Thats AWESOME of Ace. Great story. Good luck with that scanner.
Ace is pure class. Awesome stuff!

Now buy my Morse BP rainbow Big Grin

Just some advice (working with technology for the past 5 years). If your buddy can't figure it out, try installing the software from the manufacturers website because it is the newest update of the 'driver'...

If you need help finding it PM me the model number of the scanner and tell me the operating system your computer is and ill send you the link.

Let me know if I can help
glad to see people still care
I've come across some really great people on this forum in the last few months and Ace is right up there with the best of them. Good on you, sir. And likewise I've had the pleasure of trading with and chatting with our OP - another great guy.

It's stories like this that me proud to be a collector and to be a part of this community.
(10-07-2012 05:27 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]glad to see people still care

Yep, stories like these are always great to hear.
Thank you to everyone who has replied so far. I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed!

@HeyFitzy I would love to! You accept lay-a-way? ^_^

@stera8 Thank you for the tip. I double checked and it is the manufactures' site I dl'd the software and updates from. I deleted everything yesterday am currently in the progress of unzipping and re-installing all the files they had for this model and OS. Unfortunately during this process, I've found out my disc drive is no longer reading discs, so the software that Ace sent with the scanner is currently of no use. I was about to try to buy a used/new drive (depending on cost) before I discovered you could get these files from the manufactures' website. So again, thank you!
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