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Full Version: Trout auto FT
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Since I don't have a lot of high-end cards, I have a fairly specific idea of what I'm looking for here:

1. Topps/Bowman Chrome GOLD Cabrera, Verlander, Stanton (I have about 6-7 of these already, but I'm willing to take dupes).

2. S/N (or other high-end parallel) RCs of Cabrera, Verlander (preferably '05), and Stanton.

3. Autos of Cabrera, Verlander, and Stanton.

4. Low-numbered Avisail Garcia (particularly autos)

Unless you plan on trading in my favor (by a lot), I'd like to avoid trading down by more than 2:1. -i.e., I'm not looking for 10 $20 cards here. (If you have several Chrome Golds that I need, then I don't care).

[Image: Scan122260000.jpg]
Check me if you'd like.
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