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Hello everyone,
I realize this is a baseball thread but I have to share this.This past week I had pulled the following 2 cards:
2012 Topps Update Mickey Mantle Bat /69
Babe Ruth 2012 Topps Update Bat /50
and to complete the trifecta I purchased a box of 2012 Showcase Racing from The Hobby Box and got this beauty(which can be viewed
This is definitely your lucky week. Buy more while you can! Congrats on 3 insane pulls.
I don't follow stock car racing (or collectibles), but I bet their colorful racing suits make for some pretty interesting relics. -That Earnhardt Jr. being a nice example. Pretty crazy streak your on. Good for you.
-I realize this one's from a hat, but you get my drift. (racing pun intended)
Sick jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it for trade check my basbeball photobucket!
those are all sweet!
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