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Full Version: T206 grading question
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I'm getting ready to get this card professionally graded. I would like opinions on what you all think it will grade at.



There is a crease at top left corner.

Thanks for looking!
I'd say 1.5 or 2. Just a guess though. Cool card.
-After looking at some graded T-206's on the bay, it looks more like a 1+.
Agree with uvaspina. But it might get a little higher. Not above a 3, though. Nice card.
I would agree....around a 2.
I also say a 2
What does the back look like?
Do you have a scan of the back?

Going solely on the front, I'd say it grades out either Fair or Good.
(10-07-2012 07:02 PM)pacrimcollectibles Wrote: [ -> ]What does the back look like?

I've added a scan of the back.

Thanks for looking!
I'm gonna have to go with a 1 or 2 as well. Still a great card. I had one that I planned on keeping since it wasn't worth much but I got an offer that I couldn't refuse for it. I still have plans of picking a couple up down the road
I grade alot of white borders. 1-1.5
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