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Hey everybody,
Got a box of Topps Update Jumbo last night.
I'll just list the highlights (or low-lights)!

Golden Moments:
Bryce Harper, Mike Schmidt, Tony Gwynn, Derek Jeter, George Brett

Nolan Ryan, Cespedes, Ryne Sandberg

Golden Greats:
Banks, Griffey, Jr., Reggie Jackson, Jim Palmer, Spahn

1987 Mini's:
Jesus Montero, Gehrig, Freddie Freeman, Middlebrooks, Brett Lawrie

Black Border #/61:
Derek Norris

Gold Border #/2012:
Cespedes #396
Mike Trout #446
Brett Jackson #US 69
Ichiro #US 272

All-Star SP:
Craig Kimbrel #268

All-Star Stitches:
Felix Hernandez

Golden Moment Auto:
Mark Hamburger - Ugggggggggg!

Golden Ring Collection:
Cal Ripken Award Winner

I have mixed feelings about the box - the Hamburger auto is pretty bad - Really, Topps, really? It seems like everybody is pulling this guy, too. But, I did like the other inserts and I was happy to get an SP. Thanks for reading!
other than the Uto, looks like you did pretty good. Would be interested in any Royals
I can use your topps black if you can find anything in my organize for it, lmk
Wow, I got the Felix Hernandez All-Star Stitches and the Mark Hamburger Auto out of my box, too. For the Hamburger, do you mean Golden Debut Auto?
Nope, it says "Golden Moments" - do you mean Topps actually put out two different Hamburger autos? No wonder everybody's pulling them right and left! LOL!
I would be interested in the jeter and the trout if you would want to trade. Let me know. Thanks!!
You got Hamburgled! (lol)
Nice ripken
Sorry, not interested in trading at this time - I'll keep you all in mind though if I decide to trade any of them. Thanks for the interest!
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