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Been looking for a while to find a multicolored one. Finally found one and the price was right.

[Image: B8C55FBE-0A67-48DE-87BA-7FA7895AA696-195...C83B34.jpg]
Awesome pickup! Congrats
Looks a little like Supermans logo.... Well done, very awesome card!
wow sick patch, love the shape
Nice presspass!

My favorite brand pre-UD college license.

They did that nice - don't need the collegiate logo to know what team.

I seriously wish presspass would get the license back - on card autos ALWAYS - sweet card designs with a space large enough for the player to sign.
I love that thing man
Nice pickup. That patch is sick
Nice....I landed a nice three color as well for my 2012 SPx WM Big Patch /10 set....paid too much though.
Thanks fellas. The pic doesn't really do it much justice either. Might have to dust off the ol' scanner to get a better quality photo up.
Nice pickup. That's just multicolored insanity right there.
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