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Got the cards in over the course of this past week. I was hoping the other I'm getting in would have shown up today but hopefully Tuesday.
[Image: IMG.jpg]

I'm more excited to have this though. (Sorry it's OT) Got it at a book signing he did around here last Saturday.
[Image: SAM_1036.jpg]
[Image: SAM_1035.jpg]
Very cool, always good to get a picture when you get the auto. I wish I would have had a camera when I met The Mick and Whitey Ford.
This is the one I had hoped would be in the original post with the others but oh well. Going to have to start moving on getting rid of some more modern here pretty soon, as well as some of the pre-war I've decided not to hold onto.
[Image: wad.jpg]
Awesome cards.
Love those T-206. Such a great looking cards. Thanks for sharing.
Those look great!
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