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I need some help filling some insert sets from 2010 Topps. The sets I need are from The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (CMT):
Peak Performances (PP):
Turkey Red (TR):
Any help with these sets would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to complete these sets for a friend. He has a TON of cards to trade for. So if there's anything in particular you're looking for (ie: team or player or help with your sets) he probably has it. I have some stuff in my ORG for trade but let me know what you're looking for and I'll load it.
received some help but could use some more!
dang i wish i wasnt at college!! gahh i have so much to trade....oh well.
Check me. I think i have a few of those on my trade list.
I have PP 112 and 123 and TR 2,14,104 and 109. They are yours if you still need them.
Check me I should have some for you
Check me.
Check me.
Check me I know I have some 2010 stuff in my org.
I have
2010 Topps Peak Performance #57 Max Scherzer
2010 Topps Turkey Red #TR4 Albert Pujols

Only looking for Nolan Ryan. One I can think of that I don't have and want is the 2012 Topps Update 1987 mini. All cards I don't have are marked with a star as want in my org. I'll consider anything NR from the past few years.
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