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Just busted a box of 1996 finest and pulled a few nice cards but not what i was hoping for. I loaded the more rare cards but have a bunch more common cards for sets (intimidator, gamer, phenoms, etc). Will check orgs or take trade offers. Thanks!
I have a bunch of base that has not been loaded yet, let me know if you are looking for anything specific. The uncommon/rare/refractors include:

1996 Finest #S13 Larry Walker S
1996 Finest #S11 Mike Piazza S
1996 Finest #S79 Kirby Puckett S
1996 Finest Refractors #B166 Mickey Tettleton B
1996 Finest #B92 Derek Jeter B
1996 Finest #S127 C.J. Nitkowski S
1996 Finest Refractors #G117 Jose Canseco G
1996 Finest #S78 Jeff King S
1996 Finest #S121 Ray Durham S
1996 Finest Refractors #B163 Eric Karros B
I like the Piazza, Puckett, and Canseco gold, didn't see them in your org. Shoot over a trade offer if you see something after adding them to your org
Have you found any Griffey stuff? I need the following:

1996 Finest #G135 Ken Griffey Jr. G
1996 Topps Mystery Finest #M25 Ken Griffey Jr.
1996 Topps Mystery Finest Refractors #M25 Ken Griffey Jr.
1996 Topps Mystery Finest Refractors #M16 Ken Griffey Jr.
1996 Finest Refractors #B24 Ken Griffey Jr. B
PM me what you PC I am looking for the royals and rookies Just pm me I have a 1999 Auroa On deck cuts Jeter graded 9.0 by AGS
Dayton: Offer sent

Bobcat: I didn't hit any griffey's... I know, I wasnt happy either

chbbcardfan: You have nothing in your org... sorry it is the only way i (we in the forum) trade, not via PM.
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