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bought 1 from the lcs
and heres what i got , im just posting the parallels and hits

[Image: 909D67B8-orig.jpg]

then my first 1/1 ... an Ebay 1/1 Smile 350/350 Big Grin

[Image: 9CEBD8C9-orig.jpg]

then the relic

[Image: 02DDB72C-orig-1.jpg]

now the autos

[Image: E772D023-orig.jpg]

now my Quad Auto Relic so happened to be a redemption but its nice to get a parallel /50

[Image: B042F4AF-orig.jpg]

then my True 1/1 Hit if you consider this a hit ... for a minute it got me all excited seing a colt logo but i guess ill still take it

[Image: EB8B8B97-orig-1.jpg]

Pink Relic FTW !!!!!!!!! Cancer Awareness ... in which im sure no rookie has played in one for this year yet ... so who knows ... this probably came from a wristband of a better player than Dwayne Allen ...Smile!

I guess overall i had a nice box when it comes to hits ....Only wrong players but

thanks for looking
No luck but still a nice #"d 1.1
(10-06-2012 05:35 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]No luck but still a nice #"d 1.1

True no Luck ... only thing i have in question is the Pink Relic on the 1/1 . it could have been from a wristband of a player who played for breast cancer awareness game .

i believe no 2012 rookie or game has been played for cancer awareness so this belong to someone not dwayne allen. Who knows this might be brady's game worn lol
He could have worn a few at the Premiere but who knows. The pink gear starts this week as its always in October. I think eventually that could be a very nice card. I think Allen has a lot of potential, especially with Luck throwing him the ball.
maybe its a piece of his glove
(10-06-2012 07:40 PM)stewartqb Wrote: [ -> ]maybe its a piece of his glove

it has a look and feel of your normal wristband cant be the glove
All of the rookie stuff is from the Rookie Premiere. None of the stuff produced of rookies this year will be game-used. So it might have been worn by Allen, but not in a game.
Not bad hits at all...would be interested in the rainey for a friend if its ft.....Smile
Very nice stuff. Congrats on the 1/1. If you'd like to trade the Rainey and Cousins I'd be interested.
Sorry if I'm hijacking here, but does anyone else dislike the "combine" photos — like the Cousins — as much as I do?

Man, I'd much rather wait X number of weeks or whatever for each new product to come out and have them in their uniforms.

It looks like they're playing in their yard or something.

I guess it's because they can't use college unis anymore, but still ... the sig is so nice and the photo is so ugly. Just my opinion.
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