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I was wondering if people could give me a ballpark figure on what this card is worth. From low end to high end. Its not graded but im sure it would come back a 10 (dead mint). Thanks
Is is available for trade? It's worth a bit.
(10-05-2012 10:03 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Is is available for trade? It's worth a bit.

no im sorry..not available for trade. I noticed after I posted it that I posted it in the "trading" forum. Im new to the beckett forum..just joined today. Was just looking for a low end - high end price on the card. I havent collected baseball cards in 15 years or so. 1998 was when I stopped. Been itching to get back into the hobby.
Red Crusades are a well sought after late 90's insert set. The last Will Clark I watched ended over $1000 at auction. I would expect something similar (perhaps more) for a Chipper.
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