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Just want to see everyones' favorites!

Here's my top 2:

2004 Absolute Signatures 1/1
[Image: 04AbsoluteAuto1A.jpg][Image: 04AbsoluteAuto1B.jpg]

2004 Leaf Certified Materials Emerald 2/5
[Image: 04LCMEmmyA.jpg][Image: 04LCMEmmyB.jpg]

Let's see them!
My top 2! One in my two main collections. Smile
Martin Pc
[Image: 2AF1E816-9BC2-4904-AB4C-A2426616E2FA-119...A24F7E.jpg]

Heyward Pc
[Image: CF6741CC-FC49-4BA6-8E88-EE4DFA907700-719...A42336.jpg]

Close close close runner up
[Image: 5ba4922a.jpg]
Took me a loooooong time to find and a pretty penny or two or a few hundred lol
[Image: JuliusPeppersContenders.jpg]
[Image: jordanselect.jpg]

[Image: archiepeytonelimanningtreasurestrip.jpg]

[Image: jetermattinglysweetspotdual.jpg]

[Image: waynegretzkyudcupautod10.jpg]
my 2 are probably The moss on top 1 of 9 got it from a e-bay box break for 2.36 and the bottom is a signed Hanburger with my Name on it


These are tied! Smile

[Image: T2eC16dHJIIE9qTYLijbBQVR-sSsZ60_57.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5203-1.jpg]
[Image: KGrHqZi4E7FJqMDkrBPEdmUdQ60_12.jpg]
sweet cards everybody! mine would be these two i think

[Image: scan0003-1.jpg]
Favorite non-card PC item:
[Image: 1f8a2c34.jpg]

Favorite card:
[Image: SayersLTdual.jpg]
Holy Smokes!
Great cards everyone!!!
2011 Eli Manning Elite Status Black AUTO 1/1

[Image: IMG-20120318-01335.jpg]

1986 Super Bowl Champion Team Signed Ball

[Image: DSC00118.jpg]
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