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busted a case...overall the product kind of sucks as it's very hard to pull big. the rookie content is pretty much an "investment" and for the price, a jersey per pack is pretty lame...but as with most sp game used product, when you pull big, you pull BIG!


it's on the bay right now...sorry, gotta sell it as the rest of the case really didn't have anything nice. if it did, i'd definitely keep it or trade it to someone who would appreciate this more.
awesome pull
Wow, now that's a cool jersey, patch, tag, fight strap card! Really unique.
That is a sick Bourque card.
Nice patches
Nice card, but unfortunately right now you will be lucky to get $175 maybe $200 for it. Market is pretty soft right now with so many high end cards on the market. I pulled a realy nice Sakic one and I could not get near what I wanted so I am going to wait. Add the lockout into it and it may take you awhile to unload. I wish you the best though.
Amazing card!!! Congrats on the huge hit, but too bad the rest of the case was not so good. If you managed to hit any of the Jaroslav Halak cards, I would definitely be interested!

gorgeous card, congrats!
i am interested in any Oilers Team Marks, Team Canada Teammarks and other team canada materials if you have any you would move LMK
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