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here are todays mail....also got a RTS TTM request to Rob Scuderi....UUGGGHHH! Had a addy that forwarding has exprired to..going to try it. I still need his auto pic for my TTM Pens Stanley cup project.

heres the mail:
11-12 Dominion Pens Pals Vitale/Tocchet /50
[Image: 10_05_120002_zps22ef1338.jpg]

This one ended up doing a tour of New York Compliments of the AWESOME USPS...I was very nervous it may be lost! Thank goodness it arrived today, safe and sound!

11-12 Titanium Away Jersey Patch Auto 2/5
(swatches are from the Consol Inaugural year shoulder patch)
[Image: 10_05_120001_zpsa7766e4d.jpg]

Not as good as yesterdays...but itll work.

Thanks for the look...
Sick patches. Glad to see the post office didn't lose it on you.
Nice redmpetion
Great pickups Hugh!!! I'm hoping I can land one of those redemptions myself. Congrats!!!
Stellar adds, Hugh! Thank goodness the USPS did not lose that Patch card on you! Congrats!

thats a sweet Titanium
that's just sick hugh, grats!
That is one sweet patch.
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