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I do not post maildays often, but this mailday is courtesy of a deal made with one seller on ebay landing me 3 very nice cards:

[Image: stamkosTitaniumSixStarMem.jpg]

[Image: seguinCupStanleyCupSigs.jpg]

[Image: kopitarDoughtyCupDualSigPatches3.jpg]

So I landed a Stamkos six piece, which I love this set, a Seguin Stanley Cup sig that matches his jersey number, and a nice dual for my Kopitar PC.

One of the best deals I've made on ebay ever.
That is a great deal to make right there. Congrats on landing three awesome cards.
Wow that is one sweet trio indeed! Those are great!!
If that stamkos becomes avaiable let me know I have a nice photobucket
Awesome pickups!!! Love the Stamkos!!!
Amazing pick-ups! Congrats!!!

Killer pick-ups. If the Stamkos finds its way into your trade bucket, let me know, I'd love a crack at it. I pulled a Lundqvist, and love the design and look of those.
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