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Full Version: Mail Madness Oh Yes
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Hi all. I just got back from another tour down under for work and i have been very busy on the net while i was there. I was in Nebo QLD when The Cup was released but still managed to pick up some sweet cards.A big shout out goes to Patrick (xmitsui) for four of the cards in this post.Enjoy the view.

Let us start off with some redemption's that arrived while i was away

[Image: sakicbourque.jpg]

[Image: emertonredemptions.jpg]

48/48 very nice Smile

I was in one group break of The Cup and got Colorado and Nashville and ended up with these.

[Image: groupbreak.jpg]

[Image: sakicroybourque.jpg]

Well what is a mail post without some sweet Hedman's

[Image: hedmanice.jpg]

[Image: hedman.jpg]

A big thank you to Mel for this Hall team marks

[Image: hallteammark.jpg]

Another addition to my growing Oilers collection.

[Image: landerultimate.jpg]

I pick several players each year to collect from the Cup and one of them this year is Brett Connolly from Tampa Bay (they have great patches)

[Image: connollydraft.jpg]

[Image: connollygear1.jpg]

[Image: connollygear2.jpg]

[Image: connollygear3.jpg]

[Image: connollylimitedlogos.jpg]

Next up a few gold rainbow rookies ( i have more on the way)

[Image: goldrainbow1.jpg]

[Image: nemiszgoldrainbow.jpg]

Then a couple of Cooters

[Image: cooterdraft.jpg]

[Image: cooterreaddual.jpg]

Shall we do a top 6 then shall we

#6 a sweet redemption of a great player

[Image: sakicpoe.jpg]

#5 hopefully a sweet gold rainbow rookie of Landy

[Image: landygoldrainbowrookie92.jpg]

#4 sweet Nuge gold rainbow

[Image: Nugegoldrainbow.jpg]

#3 another wish for a sweet patch on this redemption Landy /99

[Image: landyrookie99.jpg]

#2 a great young player with huge potential and a sweet redemption

[Image: halllaundrytag.jpg]

#1 wanted a nice 3 color one of these especially after seeing some pics of many 3 color ones on the UD website

[Image: Nugerookie99.jpg]

As always comments are welcomed.
Now that's a HAUL! Congrats
Absolutely amazing. I can't wait to the the triple of Bourque/Roy/Sakic. Congrats on the pick ups.
Super Sweet Mailday!! CONGRATS!!!
Good god man thats a heck of a bunch there very nice
some awesome patches
Now I know where all my brett connollys have been going sick cards nice hedmans as well !
You have GOT to be kidding me! That is by far the best mailday I have ever seen! A massive congrats to you on your insane haul!!!

Awesome mailday! Now that is a lot of amazing cards!
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