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Hi Guys/Gals,

I normally only collect Dodgers cards but have decided to start a PC of Kris Medlen as he is from my hometown. He grew up right around the corner, played ball at the same park I grew up playing at (and I now coach at), and went to my high school. I'm about six years older than him so we never played together or attended school at the same time but my sister and brother in law did. My brother in law actually played ball with him in the local park league and in high school.

If anyone has any of his cards to sell I would be highly interested. Below is a listing of cards I still need;

Updated my needs list as of 1/11/13.

'06 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #58
-Orange Refractor /25
-Red Refractor /5
-All Plates /1 (sigh)
-SuperFractor /1 (double sigh)

'06 Bowman Draft Picks #58
-Red /1
-All Plates /1

'09 SP Authentic #154
-Silver /59
-Titanium /19

'09 TRISTAR PROjections AU/SER #206
-Yellow /25
-Orange /5
-Purple /1

'09 TRISTAR PROjections SER #206
-Yellow /25
-Orange /5
-Purple /1

'09 Topps 206 Mini
-Old Mill
-Cycle /99
-Carolina Brights /1
-All Plates /1

-'09 Topps Silk Collection #S215 /50

'09 Topps Unique #168
-Gold /25
-Platinum /1

'09 Topps Update #UH32
-Platinum /1
-All Plates /1

'10 Topps Update #US304
-Platinum /1
-All Plates/1

'11 TRISTAR Pursuit Autographs Five #99
-Blue /50
-Red /5
-Purple /1

'11 Topps Factory Set Limmited Edition #392
-Red Border /245

'11 Topps
-Platinum /1
-Canary Diamond /1

'12 Topps Update
-All Plates /1
-Platinum /1
-Wood /1

Topps Vault 1/1's

Thank You!
Ahhh too bad the Braves got knocked out in the wild card. Here's to next season!

Still lookin' for Mr. Medlen.
Anyone with Bowman Chrome Gold/Orange?
You have a 2012 update walmart blue of him?
It's yours pwe if you want it.
I have a black update.
@minitracer - Open trade sent.

@Neifert - I have the black update, thanks.
Thanks minitracer! Bump~

ps - Updated OP with needs list.
Updated needs list!
Thank you to everyone on this board who has helped me with this PC!
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