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Best card out of the lot was the manufactured patch Sad

Looks like the retail blasters so far are a bust
That stinks man.
which one did you get?
I got Seaver and it's for trade for pretty much any of the RC's or RC debut cards from the update set.
I just had pretty much the same thing happen. I bought 2 packs and a jumbo rack pack the day before release and did better with those than I did the blaster I just got. It was full of names I don't know. It was so bad I got Joe Smith. One of the most generic names ever :| My Gold border, gold sparkle, blue border, were all busts. My patch was Rickey Henderson which I expect to at least be able to trade for something. I grabbed 2 packs of Topps Chrome and 2 packs of Ginter and all of those had a bunch of names I didn't know. I got an Obama Alaska card though. Is the site up to enter the code yet? I couldn't find where to enter. It just says go to My golden giveaway code as a coin
that obama is hard to get though! kinda..
(10-05-2012 09:14 PM)stera8 Wrote: [ -> ]that obama is hard to get though! kinda..

Yeah, they're listed as 1:99 packs ... not bad.
(10-05-2012 10:31 PM)rjcj2017 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, they're listed as 1:99 packs ... not bad.

Ok, good to know. I didn't even check for the odds, but where do I enter the code?
Sorry buddy
Sorry to hear.
acevanquish: I don't know either. I tried the Redemption page and the Golden Giveaway, neither worked.
rjcj2017: I think they are one per hobby box, too.
Mine was Romney Hawaii out of a Jumbo box last night.
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