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Well guys it's been a very interesting week for me. A week ago last Wednesday my 7yr old son came down with pneumonia. We thought everything was good until Tuesday evening when the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed seemed not to be working. Took him back to the doctor office and the pneumonia had actually gotten worse. So we had to admit him to the hospital, which luckily he was only there for about 48hrs and now that he is out he seems much better.

Okay now on to my new arrivals this week.

[Image: img483.jpg]
[Image: img484.jpg]
The Mario and Malkin along with the Sid card are part of this years draft cards that Panini gave out in Pittsburgh. The Sid card is actually the top card in a 7 card set.

[Image: img482.jpg]
Great Lemieux patch and Coffey jersey

Now onto my main PC person

[Image: img481.jpg]
[Image: img486.jpg]
3 awesome additions for ever growing PC of Simon Despres.

And lastly the Panini redemption replacement, or should I say replacements. I had an Alexander Burmistrov Certified Numbers Auto Jersey card that I had redeemed on 4/14/2012. Well I finally got tired of waiting and called Panini. I talked with a great CS rep, Amy. I explained that I did not want to wait any longer for it and could I get a replacement sent out. She found that the card had is n/a for pricing in Beckett so she asked her manager for a value and the manager said around $60, which made me happy. I requested for Penguin cards as replacement. Well here's what I received.

[Image: img485.jpg]
Both Fleury and Malkin 11-12 Crown Royale All the King's Men Memorabilia Auto /100.

All I can say is THANK YOU Amy and Panini. Great CS at its best. They went way out of the way on the replacement and sent me more than what I thought I might get.

Thanks for the look, comments are welcomed and appreciated.
I'm now going to try and grab some sleep as those chairs in the hospital do not make good beds Smile

Excellent replacement, well done Panini!
Killer replacements!!! Awesome job panini!! Like the other pc items as well! Congrats!!
Great pickups, and it looks like Panini did a great job for you!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your son.
I wish your son a speedy recovery. Those are some sick pick ups for your pc. Panini did a great job with replacements to. Congrats.
It's good karma for having a tough week. Best wishes to your son and holy smokes on the Pens replacements!
Not bad at all
Outstanding Panini hopefully they continue to have that good of cs
Best wishes to your son. Sweet cards, too.
I wish your boy all of the best! He's a trooper and will be back at it in no time!
Amazing cards! The Depres Cup RC is SICK, and the replacements more than make up for the wait! Congrats on the amazing haul!

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