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Full Version: Glove redemption
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Been collecting UFC finest for a while now got a Jon Jones Glove redemption card want to list on Ebay as not a big fan of his anyone out there have any idea how much I could get for it. thanks
Honestly anyone can walk up to jo and get him to sign a glove i think it is the redemption card together that makes it worth money i think you may be able to get $500.00 realistically. But you never know shoot for the sky I would go 1,200.00 OBO and see what people are willing to offer you.
I was thinking the same thing anyone who sees him can get a auto glove. I don't think ill get over a $1000 tho that seems crazy.
I got $450 on EBay for a GSP auto glove redemption, can't see Jones going for much more.
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