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seeing how they went back and made Gold cards for ser. 1 and 2 as well does that mean the #661 Harper should have a Gold card numbered out of 2012 or does it not apply because it's was a SP ?
Beckett does not list a Gold parallel for Harper's 661 card.
They don't show anything for Topps Update yet that I can find anyway so since they would be found in the Update series maybe that's why.
the #661 from the mini set has a gold parallel so who knows

[Image: $T2eC16FHJGQE9noMZKvyBQOtdHVgKw~~60_3.JPG]
Doesn't apply because SP. Don't quote me on it but I'm pretty sure.
that's what I was thinking also but we shall see and I do notice the min harper is different from the SP verstion in ser. 2. The SP has the RC logo in the lower right corner next to his name. All the factory set versions have it located above the name.
On eBay I found #/2012 cards of Harper's Rookie Debut and All-Star cards but none of card #661.

That's where I found that. Hope it posts as a link, as I'm kind of a rookie at this. No pun intended.
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