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narrowing down my collection of football... Interested in Bengals, Mike Vick RC's & autos,Peyton Manning RC's, Sean Taylor and Terrell Davis...have pics available on any card and my org is only about 30% done so far. so new stuff gets added every sunday.
Have a few baseball I could add to org, 9 autos: Ryan Zink, Kendry Morales, Jason Bartlett, Ike Davis, Mike Leake, Brian Johnson, Austin Jackson, Tony Zych, and Phillip Pfiefer.

8 Jersey:
Carig Biggio (3 Color Patch) Matt Newman, Garin Cecchini, Joel Zumaya, Bartolo Colon, Joel Zumaya, Jason Schmidt, and Dontrelle Willis
can you check me for anything you want or need I have some baseball let me know who you collect and maybe I have some stuff not in the have some skins and 08 bowman chrome I could use
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