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There is a strong chance this is my last FT/FS post. I am seriously considering getting out of the hobby. That said, if I have something you want now is the time to make your best offer. Also I have pulled a few cards from the PC. I will look at BV for lower-end cards, I will look at SV on higher end cards since I will be selling them shortly. If you ask me to check you, please have something of comparable value. No trading down. If you see something in my org but without a pic or vice versa let me know.

Here's a few pics, links in my sig have the rest.

check me for the luck auto thanks
very nice looking stuff! What's your price on the Green and Dalton?
Interested in several but would really like the Weeden. CMB please.
Offer sent.
Can you check me for the earl campbell triple thread and the jamal charles?
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