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So I guess this will be a story/discussion thread.

Just curious what you guys think is your favorite basketball set was.

Mine has to be 2008-09 Topps Chrome basketball. There is a personal reason behind it.

I have been collecting ever since I was about 10 but 2007 was really my first year collecting as far as serious value and protection of my cards. Penny sleeves, top loaders, screwdowns and one touches. As a kid, all my baseball cards went into a binder because they were all commons and I just wanted to collect them because that is what all my little league buddies did.

When I completely the 05 topps chrome update ryan braun rainbow (took me a year and a half to complete and I still have it) I really wanted to set my eyes on a basketball set. A big reason being I had never collected basketball cards before and had always like topps chrome baseball so figured I would give basketball a shot. I bought my first retail pack at the woodville walmart in 2008 and I hit a Derrick Rose Orange Ref RC /499. Instead of doing the intelligent thing and holding on to this card from a product that I was really starting to like, I sold it on eBay for 40 bucks and not a day goes by that I wish I could have it back.

Even though I did what I did, I still love the set and just might start chasing it again. And because I don't open boxes very frequently, it is also my biggest pull!

Which set is yalls favorite?
1986 real explanation needed.

I grew up following the players who have rookies from this set. Its filled with HOF players and the set is still affordable. I am a huge Bulls fan and having the Jordan rookie in that set is the clincher!!!
My favorite set I think is the 2006-07 Topps Turkey Red set. I love set chasing and the different color boarders get me going. I like the artwork and overall framed looked design. Also the Kobe in my signature is one of my favorite cards in my entire collection.
My favorite set is the 1996-97 Topps Chrome, because it was the first set that I decided to put together when they came out, since than I've been trying to put all the chrome sets together and other sets..
my favorite set is the 2010-11 National Treasures...I just love that set, still trying to put together the base set, its tough because people don't want to trade them...I love it because I acquired some Lin cards from it really cheap and because of him I have been able to acquire alot of autos and low numbered cards from the set...I still kept one base, century materials and an auto century materials of him for the set. Just wish the prices on it would not be so damn high...LOL!!!
arod... good luck with your NT chase.. I thought about doing that set too, but gave it up quickly.. & went after Elite Black Box 2010-11 instead...

I love these type of threads.. What is your favorite set? What is the one set you would go after, if you had the money & can afford it...??

I love Elite Black Box. Nice clean design. I was able to pick up majority of the cards on the cheap or in "lots". A ebay seller from Taiwan & Hong Kong were big helps. Also, picked a lot up from COMC's & a few from Beckett Marketplace.. only problem with the marketplace was, I couldn't see the cards beforehand.. so I didn't know if the cards were chipped or not... Black border cards seem to always have slight chipping... Took me about 10-11 months to put the 200 card set together. Print run is /99. So that was the toughest set I have put together.

2nd favorite set is Chronology 2007-08.. Love the design.. lots of HOF'ers, including MJ.. I loved this set so much, I tried to pick up every "lot" I seen on ebay or other sites.. also, traded for a few cards I needed from another Chronology set builders/collector.. I was lucky to put together 2 sets of both years of Chronology... (let me know if you're interested in buying/trading for a set??)

I collected in the early 90's.. stopped during Kobe's RC year.. actually started collecting around 86-87.. but didn't know sports cards were valuable.. I had tons of basketball & Baseball.. still have most of them, but they are all ruined.. bent corners, pin holes for the one I hung on my wall.. & lost a few through the spokes of my BMX bike.. haha.. wish I hadn't did that!!! oh, well, boys will be boys...
I collected briefly in 99-01.. then gave it up.. until April 2007, when I walked into PJ's Sports Cards in Chula Vista, Ca (San Diego).. I bought packs from that store in 00-01, but forgot it's location until 2007.. found the store again.. & decided to see what they have..... bought few loose packs.. then fell in love with Ultimate 2006-07.. I couldn't believe how much cardboard evolved.. I fell in love with that set very quickly!!

I loved the Legends /99 subset.. along, with the oncard autographs... I was able to collect the entire base, legends & RC/autos set... along with the Ultimate Signature insert set... I loved the set so much, I bought a few huge "lots"... I put together two base sets, along with Legends.. Almost put together a 3rd set, but still need a few Legends cards... not chasing the RC/autos again, since most of the cards dropped in price.. Can't believe Tyrus Thomas RC went for over a $100... now they sell for chump change.. I put together two Ultimate Signature sets... the 2nd set cost a little too much money, since the top 4 cards were almost bought at full BV... not including KOBE redemptions, which I got for a fair price... I sold one set, 2nd set will be a keeper, but I do have a ton of duplicate Signature cards if anybody is interested...

The sets I debated on collecting was the 2008-09 Topps Chrome & 2007-08 Topps Letterman sets... you don't see many Letterman cards around.. I have about 10-20 cards from that base set... The Topps Chrome set is Beautiful.. I never thought about collecting them, until last month, when I dug out my D.Rose Orange RC card... I didn't think it was that valuable, when I first got it out of the first & only box of Chrome I bought..

I liked all the Panini Limited sets, I bought a case of 2009-10 & was able to finally put together the set, including, legends /99, & RC/autos/299... The Blake I had to buy, near BV at the time.. but since the BV went up, I am happy I put that set together... I only bought a couple packs of the 2010-11 Limited.. liked the base cards.. but was not too happy of the high price per box.. & didn't like the print runs used... nor did I like the print runs on the 2011-12 Limited.. I'm not buying anymore at $100 for a 7 card pack..

so in recent years... I put together one auto set from each year starting at 2006-07, except current 2012, since the RC autos are all screwed up, with Panini's rc redmeption program, which I strongly dislike... I still want to put a RC/auto set from D.Roses year.... I was lucky to pull a D.Rose Hot Prospects RC auto from a box I bought in Santee, Ca (San Diego).. card shop is now closed.. wish it was still open, the guy said they do mostly internet sells, so more likely working out of their house.. the card shop was tied to a couple other shops in other states.. wish I remembered the guy's name that helped me out, so I can look him up...

Favorite, none NBA set... was a college set of Press Pass 2008-09 Legends... The design was simple, but appealing.. loved the on-card autos...

86-87 & 87-88 Fleer sets are always on my favorite list, because they were the first two type of basketball cards I had as a kid. I was lucky to complete both sets very quickly in 2008... I still need to get a better quality MJ RC... just don't want to pay the money for one.. Would like a BGS 8 or above... since too risky buying an ungraded MJ RC. I should send my RC in, so I can get it authenticated.. don't think it would even score a BGS 1... because of the terrible shape it is in.. but it is still my pride & joy, since I've had that card since I was 8 years old..

I know everybody will want to say they love the Exquisite sets or National Treasures, but for majority of US Collectors, we can not afford to go after those sets, without going into debt..
1986 Fleer all the way! It's simply classic! It's not just all the HOF rookies included, it's the beautiful red, white, and blue design and the vibrant full color photography! Seriously guys think about the Jordan RC.... Could there have been a better snap shot to describe Michael Jordan!?!? It's literally the PERFECT rookie card!!!! You couldn't put that in a book & get away with it! lol

A very distant second would be 96-97 Flair Showcase!
I think my favorite all time set would be the 1998-99 SPx Finite. I'm not sure if there were other sets like this before these but it was the first time I had ever seen a base set where every card was #ed. Over the course of several boxes and some singles purchases back in 1999 I had put the entire set together with plenty of Radiance and Spectrums on the side including 3 extra Top Flight Jordans, 2 extra Finite Exclelence Jordans, a Star Power Spectrum Jordan just to name a few. Unfortunately when all of my stuff was stolen out of our van after a card show I lost these as well. Nice looking cards though.... My favorite set that I am currently still working on is the 2011-12 Preferred PS Red Base Set. All of the cards are #ed to 99 or less with 15 of the higher end players having print runs of 10. I don't think I've seen a set where all the base cards were autographed and the checklist covered some of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen. I fully intend to be the first and only person to complete this set. (The Larry Bird #ed to 10 popped up on ebay today and it will be mine!!) Beautiful cards in my opinion but they don't seem to be as popular as some of the other high end products out there.
I'd have to go with 2009-10 Playoff Contenders. I like the design, the foil finish and the inserts. I suppose the biggest reason though, would have to be because I don't need to chase the Blake Griffin down - the first two packs i ever bought of it (yes, packs) had the Griffin Brother's RC au's. What can I say.... i love the set. Second fave would be 2009-10 Donruss Elite Hobby - love the foil finish and the overall design. Gotta throw 2006 Flair Showcase NFL in there also.
EMOTION... the first thick basketball card... love them!!

Don't forget the first two years of Finest, nothing special with the set, unless you want to count the refractor sets... But I think this thread is more about base sets....

Finest changed the cardboard collecting game forever!!
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