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I thought this card was just base-even though it came in its own little package, but upon further inspection, and in good lighting, I noticed it was a light blue foil...
[Image: 2012Prime.jpg]

[Image: 2012Prime3.jpg]

[Image: 2012Prime2.jpg]
Hm. Nice. Wonder the value? know how much of a SP the blue variations are?
I got the Blue Variation Griffin out of 1 of my base packs from the hanger pack. Then got the base RC a pack later. Nice pull on the Luck.
Sweet! Love Topps Prime--stunning photography as usual.
Topps prime all ways has awesome clear pictures ! Of course the Richardson is my fav nice pulls !
I like Prime too and was glad to see it although I wanted Platinum!
I don't think there is a Morris Claiborne in Prime, am I correct?
nice luck
nice luck
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