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Can't stop busting this stuff. Decent break, nothing spectacular but no redemptions!

[Image: 10-3absolutebreak.jpg]
[Image: 10-3absolutebreak.jpg]

Brown 5/25
Jones 30/50
Rudy 35/50
Shady 47/50
Heyward 82/299 (new pc addition!)

Couldn't resist, grabbed another one and 2 packs

[Image: 10-5absolutebreak.jpg]

LT 10/10 (woot)
Rudy 53/299
Phins quad 8/50
Harper 70/99
former Donkeys dual 27/50
BJG-E 2/50
Very nice, mrgonzodad. It's always a win when you can pull a sweet card for the pc.
are you trading any base stuff I have some base set needs
Nice PC hit, Gonzo!
Nice hit! I seldom pull anything pc
Nice Julio....congrats
Whats gonna happen with the Julio? lol Absolute frustrates me because I cant find Bruce's spectrums. Solid break!
Nice hits congrats
Id love to pull that julio off your hands of its ft
Interested in the Vincent Brown if it's available
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