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SHow it off
Havent decided yet. I have that $7.50 burning a hole in my pocket.
I havent picked anything up just yet. I have $18.88 to spend...Have anything listed on the bay for sale Chad?
Got about $25 so the first thing I bought was this, not a big ticket item but the only one I've seen and I needed it.
Still mulling over what to spend my $1.12 on.....
Had about $4 to spend and had a little money in the old paypal account so I picked up this beauty that has eluded me in the past. The seller finally caved Big Grin
got over 45$ to spend, currently bidding on some items, but i may need to borrow everyone elses Ebay Bucks to pay for it, so i dont dig into my pocket.
my mere 2.87$ isnt gunna buy much, ill probably just use it to cover shipping for something else that i win.
Mine helped me get a sweet Topps Prime Level 1 book of Nick Toon. Will update w/ a scan when I get it.
I had $50 in bucks... bought a few pc cards
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