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So my wife will be opening them and pulling out the all the insert cards. I am seeing if anyone is looking for anything from the set and year as I am willing to trade all the cards but for the one Derek Jeter Artist's Proof I need (My reason for buying the boxes) that I hopefully get. But anything else I will be trading or selling. I am looking for anything Derek Jeter as far as trades go. Not to picky with this one but I would love to be able to knock off some of the cheaper 90's Derek Jeter cards I need. Just let me know what you’re looking for and I will pass it on to my wife and if I get it I will let you know and we can work out a deal.
i need most of the griffey inserts and of course the artist proof as well
check me for any Will Clark inserts. thanks
Need griffey, Luis Gonzalez and Randy Johnson cards if you get any, thanks
I got a box of these when they came out. I believe I have a Mo Vaughn artist proof and a couple mosaics of Braves players.
You should post the results of your break, I love seeing people bust 90's stuff. Good luck!
(10-03-2012 08:58 PM)dlcarst Wrote: [ -> ]You should post the results of your break, I love seeing people bust 90's stuff. Good luck!

I would if I was home but I am not. My wife sends everything out that I sell and I have not done any trading yet but the 5 boxes were a steal at $75.00 total to be shipped and knowing I have a chance to pull one of my top 4 cards tipped the scales. I will try to get my wife to get some scans and post the on photobucket. I hope I can help people out as of right now I don't have any 2012 Derek Jeter cards so I am sure we can work some deals out. I am updating my list now to give her to look for.
Wow great price for a cool product. If you happen to hit the Ozzie Smith artist's proof let me know.
Ok so far I have this for my list of players people want

Ken Griffey Jr (griffey man 1, ryanmo5)
Will Clark (mgruber2)
Luis Gonzalez (ryanmo5)
Randy Johnson (ryanmo5)
Ozzie Smith (dlcarst)

I do also have some cards listed to sell though I will trade them for Jeter cards some of you might be interested in.

1996 Sportflix Artist's Proofs #51 Randy Johnson
1997 Pinnacle Inside 40 Something #12 Ken Griffey Jr.
1997 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch #12 D.Jeter/Ozzie Smith
1996 Sportflix Artist's Proofs #142 Ken Griffey Jr. CL
1998 Gems Of The Game Ken Griffey Jr. #ed to 495
1998 Gems Of The Game Ken Griffey Jr. and Mark McGwire #ed to 495
1992 Ultra Award Winners #22 Ken Griffey Jr.
2000 Pacific Diamond Leaders #11 Garcia/Griffey/Martinez
1996 Leaf Preferred Steel Promos #60 Randy Johnson
1996 Topps Laser Stadium Stars #4 Ken Griffey Jr.
2006 Ultra RBI Kings #RBI1 Ken Griffey Jr.
Check me for the Chippers. I have several 2012 jeters.
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