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I got some packs of 2011 Bowman Chrome yesterday and today. I got 2 die cut cards but I can't tell which. It's not numbered so I've narrowed it down to these 3 by looking at pictures, but how do you tell the difference between these?

2011 Bowman Chrome Futures (lowest BV)
2011 Bowman Chrome Futures Future-Fractors (highest BV)
2011 Bowman Chrome Futures Refractors (mid BV)

I got #6 Devin Mesoraco and #17 Matt Dominguez
Futures is normal Chrome surface, refractor has refractor surface as in it looks kinda rainbow like on the surface if you hold it right, and Future-Fractor I think you'd know if you had one it is like a souped-up refractor, sorta like an atomic refractor but not quite.
Ok. Thank you. I thought it was at least refractor since I could see the rainbow.
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