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hi just wondering how people decide what to collect bec. the the hobby is so vast!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!
Seems to me that your name should point you in the right direction. Collect all giants, or pick a player or two. Eli, Cruz, osi,......etc.
collect jamaal charles and d. bowe and trade them to me lol. good luck deciding
(10-03-2012 09:03 PM)lecreccio Wrote: [ -> ]Seems to me that your name should point you in the right direction. Collect all giants, or pick a player or two. Eli, Cruz, osi,......etc.

thanks but it doesn't have to be eli and osi bec. i ain't made of money do u have any particular guys who would be cheap? Thanks!!!!
I just collect the players that interset me the most, mainly becasuse of their style of play ( Hines Ward) or because of their story ( Rocky Bleier ). It also helps that they were both drafted by and remained with only one team. I would steer you in that direction if your looking for that one or two players to collect.
I started collecting doug martin once he was drafted by my favorite team the bucs this year. I love collecting rb's & he is a great kid. He also has tremendous upside. He is in a not to ridiculous price range either to where I put all my money into him like others who collect guys like Bree's, Manning, Brady, etc....

For you being a giants fan, David Wilson wouldn't be a terrible guy to collect. It all depends on your budget and who you'd want to. I would choose somebody you like watching & is affordable to you. Hope this helps a little.
I collect Patriots game used and auto's past and present players. I try to complete sets, if they are not too expensive, that I like. I have been collecting for a long time.
does anyone think that i should for example collect just all of the rc's of one guy or rc's of let's say wide recievers that played on the giants (or whatever other team) in the 2000's? Thanks!!
It is truly up to you as to who or what players/teams/positions you collect. If you want to stick to your NYG players, ask yourself this...

Who impressed me during the preseason?

If that doesn't help you narrow it down enough, who has impressed you in the 1st quarter of the season?

If you can't pick one to three NYG players after those 2 questions, you need to spend more money chasing the STARS of the team.

If none of those helped you determine who to collect, you need to abandon the thought of collecting Giants players and pick anyone you feel is worthy of collecting!

I can give more details about what I'm saying if you want/need to hear it. Just PM me. I've been collecting NFL for more than a couple of decades now and my tastes tend to change every few years or so. I pretty much stick to certain players from 1 of the 3 teams I collect now. Before the Carolina Panthers existed, I collected several players from all over the NFL.
Thanks!!!!!!!!! eevrybody great help from all of you!!!!!!!!!!!
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