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Decided to go in on another case break, this will probably be my last for awhile cause everyone in my family Bdays happen to land in October, so I go broke this month. Anywhoo I paid $200 (what a box costs) and bought San Jose, Tampa Bay, Boston Bruins & New York Rangers. Nothing from Boston came up in this box, so that was a waste of $60, but I definately got my moneys worth. Landed 9 cards, so it was like buying a LOADED box... Below are the pics of my hits, pardon the quality, I just screen capped them... But besides what I landed, this was one of the most loaded Prime cases Ive seen. Its had a Jagr Captains Cloth /2, A Doan Genuine Letters /4, A Seams Incredible Kassian /5, and my hit which was /10 & a bunch of /15's & /25's. It also contain a Nugent Hopkins Quad Rookie /99 -- Ive done 2 case breaks with this guy and both had Nuge rookies (I got the other one /50).

Heres the hits:

[Image: CaseBreak9.jpg]
Tampa Bay Dual
[Image: CaseBreak8.jpg]
Couture Base
[Image: CaseBreak5.jpg]
Niemi Base
[Image: CaseBreak4.jpg]
Pavelski/Satari JOSE /225
[Image: CaseBreak3.jpg]
Satari Prime Jumbo /25
[Image: CaseBreak6.jpg]
Erixon Prime Jumbo /25
[Image: CaseBreak2.jpg]
Another Satari/Pavelski Dual /225
[Image: CaseBreak1.jpg]
Graves/Gilbert Rangers Dual Autos Gold /15
[Image: CaseBreak7.jpg]
St.Louis/Hedman/Lecavalier Tampa Triple Sig Redemption /10

Thanks for looking, again sorry bout the quality of the pics... Still cant belive how loaded this case was though.
That case sounds sick. Congrats on your cards from that case.
(10-03-2012 07:09 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Would LOVE THE REDMEPTION IF IT AVIABLE!

how much u want it 4?
sick stuff bro! Grats!
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