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Just wanted to post these beautiful images of the best RB in the league (open for debate LOL)

First, a couple of Master sets...

2005 Limited
[Image: 05LLBaseA.jpg][Image: 05LLBaseb.jpg]

[Image: 05LLBronzeA.jpg][Image: 05LLBronzeb.jpg]

[Image: 05LLSilver1A.jpg][Image: 05LLSilver1b.jpg]

[Image: 05LLGoldA.jpg][Image: 05LLGoldb.jpg]

[Image: 05LLHawaiiA.jpg][Image: 05LLHawaiib.jpg]
[Image: 05LLPlatinumA.jpg][Image: 05LLPlatinumb.jpg]

Now, the 2005 Topps Chrome Master

[Image: 06ToppsChrome.jpg][Image: 06ToppsChromeB.jpg]

[Image: 06ToppsChromeRefractor.jpg][Image: 06ToppsChromeRefractorB.jpg]

Red Refractor
[Image: 06ToppsChromeRed.jpg][Image: 06ToppsChromeRedB.jpg]

Black Refractor
[Image: 06ToppsChromeBlack.jpg][Image: 06ToppsChromeBlackB.jpg]
[Image: 06ToppsChromeBlueA.jpg][Image: 06ToppsChromeBlueB.jpg]

[Image: 06ToppsChromeSuperA.jpg][Image: 06ToppsChromeSuperB.jpg]

Now, a master I need to complete...just looking for the Mirror Black, but I know it;'s in someone's PC Sad

[Image: 04LCMa.jpg][Image: 04LCMb.jpg]

[Image: 04LCMRedA.jpg][Image: 04LCMRedB.jpg]

[Image: 04LCMBlueA.jpg][Image: 04LCMBlueB.jpg]

[Image: 04LCMGoldA.jpg][Image: 04LCMGoldB.jpg]

[Image: 04LCMEmmyA.jpg][Image: 04LCMEmmyB.jpg]

Coming up next...
3 more 1/1's!

Donruss Classics (thanks to a very classy member that used to frequent these boards, this was a FREEBIE he won for me!)
[Image: 04ClassicsPlatinumA.jpg][Image: 04ClassicsPlatinumB.jpg]

Next, the Panini Black Box 1/1!
[Image: 2012BlackBox1-1AutoA.jpg][Image: 2012BlackBox1-1AutoB.jpg]

And now, the most recent win, the Absolute Signatures 1/1!
[Image: 04AbsoluteAuto1A.jpg][Image: 04AbsoluteAuto1B.jpg]
How about some nice patches next?

2004 Leaf R&S Freshman Orientation
[Image: 04LeafRSFreshmen2a.jpg][Image: 04LeafRSFreshmen2b.jpg]

2004 Leaf R&S Longevity Gold
[Image: 04LeafRSGolda.jpg][Image: 04LeafRSGoldb.jpg]

2005 Gridiron Gear P&P
[Image: 05DonrussGGPPjerseya.jpg][Image: 05DonrussGGPPjerseyb.jpg]

2005 Limited Threads
[Image: 05LLThreads3a.jpg][Image: 05LLThreads3b.jpg]

[Image: 05LLThreads4a.jpg][Image: 05LLThreads4b.jpg]
2006 Elite Series
[Image: 06Elite3ESa.jpg][Image: 06Elite3ESb.jpg]

2006 LCM Emmy (Probably my favorite jersey card of Jax!)
[Image: 06LCMEmmyA.jpg][Image: 06LCMEmmyB.jpg]

2006 Exquisite
[Image: 06UDExquisitePatch.jpg]

2007 SP Threads
[Image: 07SPRookieThreads.jpg]

[Image: 10LCMFOTGA.jpg][Image: 10LCMFOTGB.jpg]
a couple more...

2007 NT
[Image: 07NTa.jpg][Image: 07NTb.jpg]

[Image: 07NTPatchA.jpg][Image: 07NTPatchB.jpg]

And now, some actual RC autos!

[Image: 04BowmanChromea.jpg][Image: 04BowmanChromeb.jpg]

[Image: 04HotProspectsa.jpg]

[Image: 04PlayoffContenders.jpg]

[Image: 04PlayoffPrimeSigs2.jpg][Image: 04PlayoffPrimeSigs2B.jpg]
[Image: 04PlayoffPrimeSigsa.jpg][Image: 04PlayoffPrimeSigsb.jpg]

[Image: 04SPX2.jpg]

[Image: 04SweetSpotAuto.jpg]

[Image: 04Ultimate.jpg]

Now, here are the only graded cards I have Sad

04 Limited RC
[Image: 04LimitedA.jpg][Image: 04LimitedB.jpg]

04 SPA
[Image: 04SPA.jpg][Image: 04SPB.jpg]

08 Absolute Jersey Patch #d /10
[Image: 08AbsoluteTOTTA.jpg][Image: 08AbsoluteTOTTB.jpg]

And my favorite graded...pop 1!
[Image: 05ElitePTTAutoAGraded.jpg][Image: 05ElitePTTAutoBGraded.jpg]
And this one...#d 001/100! Smile
[Image: 04PressPass.jpg]

Next up, the Autos!
Beautiful looking collection. You've got a ton of big time Action Jackson cards.
Loving this stuff since I have alot of the same cards for Colbert!
Awesome, I thought I was gonna start a thread and show off my Jackson's but I guess I won't now. have number 100 unique on its way.
the anniversary patch i've always liked...others look good as well bud
Sorry, had something to do...HERE ARE THE AUTOS!

04 Absolute Signature Materials
[Image: 04Absoluteautoa.jpg][Image: 04Absoluteautob.jpg]

04 Flair
[Image: 04FlairAutoa.jpg][Image: 04FlairAutob.jpg]

04 Fleer E-X Pewter
[Image: 04FleerE-Xautoa.jpg][Image: 04FleerE-Xautob.jpg]

04 Playoff Honors Hidden Gems
[Image: 04PlayoffHonorsHG.jpg]

04 Reflections
[Image: 04ReflectionsAuto.jpg]

04 Topps
[Image: 04ToppsAutoa.jpg]

04 Finite HG
[Image: 04UDFiniteAuto.jpg]
04 Fleer Ultra
[Image: 04UltraSCa.jpg][Image: 04UltraSCb.jpg]

05 LCM Mirror Red Signatures
[Image: 05LCMRedAutoa.jpg][Image: 05LCMRedAutob.jpg]

05 LCM Mirror White Auto
[Image: 05LCMWhiteAutoA.jpg][Image: 05LCMWhiteAutob.jpg]

[Image: 05SPASOTT.jpg]

05 Ultimate
[Image: 05UltimateAuto.jpg]

06 National Treasures
[Image: 06PlayoffNationalTreasuresa.jpg][Image: 06PlayoffNationalTreasuresb.jpg]
06 Playoff Signature (Thanks to RW34!)
[Image: 06PlayoffSignatureAutoA.jpg][Image: 06PlayoffSignatureAutoB.jpg]

08 Topps Triple Threads (One of my FAVE patches!)
[Image: 08TTT.jpg]

2010 Topps Unrivaled Patch Auto
[Image: 10UnrivaledAuto.jpg]

2011 Panini Gold Rush
[Image: 11PaniniGoldRushAutoA.jpg][Image: 11PaniniGoldRushAutoB.jpg]

2011 Panini Autos SP
[Image: 11PaniniGoldStandardA.jpg][Image: 11PaniniGoldStandardB.jpg]

2011 Topps Performance
[Image: 2010ToppsPerformance.jpg]
2011 Exquisite College Jersey #34/45
[Image: 2011Exquisite34.jpg]

2011 Exquisite Pro Jersey #39/45
[Image: 2011Exquisite39.jpg]

Autoed Mini
[Image: 100_1089.jpg]

Autoed Jersey
[Image: 100_1087.jpg][Image: 100_1086.jpg]

Thanks to all that reply/replied. This is my LIFE! Smile

And just think, this doesn't include my base jerseys or my TRUE RC's or my base cards. Smile
Your collection is sick
Awesome jackson stuff! I love that certified emerald quad auto. that is a nasty one. BUT....Frank Gore is the best rb in the league lol
That autographed jersey is so sweet.
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