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Im looking for it all. Base to 1/1's

I can use ANY cards!

LMK what you got and what you need
I have a 2004 Playoff Honors quad /250 if you need it. I think you know my guys.
Pm me an address I know I have 1 lol Ill send it with my auto
just pulled a 2006 bowman chrome
haha nass that card is worth atleast 5k!
Breaking News...Colbert just got inducted into the give me his cards!
bumpity bump bump
No more Colberts are out there. YOU HAVE THEM ALL!!!! HOARDER!!!
I've got this: 2004 Upper Deck Foundations Signature Foundations #SFKC Keary Colbert Send me an offer if you'd like it and please check my org to see if theres anything else that you could use. Thanks
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