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(02-05-2013 12:25 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]How many trades you get per month on here regarding Colbert?

haha none since I dont really trade. But alot of freebies and I buy them. I "add" about 10-20 Colberts a month on average. 99% of those being dupes. I think I officially have every colbert that is on the beckett boards lol
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TTT for new members
OPen offer sent
Just saw, I'm prepping for a show right now so ill see if I have anything for you.
almost five months since I bumped this
Throw it up for something I can buy
key bump
Paying around $1-3 for Colbert Autos and jerseys for just the basic ones. Paying more on nice patches and other sets I like!
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