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As it usually goes for me with Topps blasters, the best things in the blasters are the patches.
[Image: 12update001_zps07222f5c.jpg]
[Image: 12update002_zpsbc8fd877.jpg]
nice patches though!
Those patches look awesome!
Nice, i bought a topps blaster at wal mart the other day just because thats all they had, the patch was nice and 2 packs had all wal mart blue border cards (no big hits)
Nice all around break
Throw the patches on the bay just sold my ichiro for 20 lol
Please check me for the Darvish blockbuster.
I usually hate manufactured relics, but there is something undeniably cool about the Blockbusters ones, though.
I could really use the Stanton if it's FT. (I might be interested in the Fielder too). If they're marked FT, I'll shoot you an offer. If not, feel free to send me one.
I like the harper all star and ichiro if they are up for trade. If not, no worries. Nice cards!
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