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Been picking up some smaller not huge hits for the PC's but alot of them are little milestones thought I would share the images.

First is a 2010 Absolute Retail SN# 6Smile9 / 299, finally completing my Navorro Bowman True RC PC to 100%
[Image: 101navorromailday0005.jpg]


a 2012 Navorro Bowman Prestige Extra Points Gold which completes my 2012 Prestige Master Set of him.
[Image: 101navorromailday0004.jpg]


a 2010 Panini Plates & Patches Platinum SN# 7/10 (only missing 1/1's now for this set) So it feels good to pick this up.
[Image: 101navorromailday0007.jpg]


a 2010 Crown Royale Emerald SN# 7/10 (only missing 1/1's now so ditto to the above)
[Image: 101navorromailday0003.jpg]


a 2010 Make Ready Black SN# 26/50 means I am only missing the yellow which is nice.
[Image: 101navorromailday0002.jpg]

But Then...

I remembered

a few days earlier

I picked up...

a 2010 Make Ready Yellow SN# 11/50 meaning done with all 4 color variants! SN# 11 is a jersey so it's kind of cool? maybe would like the 50/50 more but I can live with it.
[Image: 101navorromailday0001.jpg]


A nice dual auto from 2012,
2012 Momentum Souvenir Signatures Combo #7 NaVorro Bowman/Sean Lee SN# 2/25. 1 of only 2 cards he has in momentum. They didn't put him in the base set. But I guess this will suffice.
[Image: 101navorromailday0008.jpg]

Along with....

The other 2012 Momentum
2012 Momentum Souvenir Signatures Triple #3 Sean Lee/Navorro Bowman/Devon Still SN# 10/10. Completes the Momentum collection of him.
[Image: 101navorromailday0006.jpg]

That's all nothing spectacular, but 8 cool tough to find adds for my PC Smile

Thanks for looking.

The entire collection can be found here.
Nice adds man!!!
(10-02-2012 09:23 PM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]Nice adds man!!!

Thanks it's getting tougher people actually kind of know who he is now. So it's good things get listed, but not so much when a bunch of people bid on his stuff.
great stuff man! love the bowman autos. but like you said, things arent so cheap anymore so it sucks. im still wanting to add some nice cards of him to my collection cuz i dont have all that many and he doesnt have all that many cards to begin with.
Sweet additions. Love the dual and triple auto. Congratulations on completing the true rookie set. Very awesome.
Nice pick ups! Congrats on the milestones!
I would say those are spectacular! great cards and grats on the milestones!
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